Automotive Experts is hosting a daily happy hour during the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA 2017) Convention. Our happy hours are one of a kind and a true New Orleans experience. We can guarantee you are not going to want to miss our event! Our happy hour will be in the heart of New Orleans on Royal Street.

RSVP to our event to get more information! We can’t wait to see y’all there!

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NADA 2017 - Automotive Experts

More about Automotive Experts —

Why Automotive Experts?

The difference – our automotive marketing approach. We lead the industry in automotive dealership staffed events, direct mail marketing, and digital marketing. We focus on relationship building before, during and after the sale. Whether you’re a small town dealer or a multi-dealership company, we understand the importance of consumer loyalty.

Our team is comprised of individuals with experience from all levels of the sales process. We have former salesmen, automotive mechanics, General Managers, and all that in between. We understand the ins and outs of not only sales but dealership operations. We understand what makes a dealership succeed.

What We Do (Very Well)

We are on the forefront of the industry. Using the latest technology we can quickly and efficiently identify your target consumer. We aren’t sending out thousands of mail pieces without that specific audience in mind. We can directly filter based on age, income, FICO score, location. We can also identify the buying habits of the targeted consumer. This ensures that you are directly appealing to the ideal consumer for your dealership.

From there, our in house creative team designs a mail piece that is sure to drive traffic to your door. The production of your mail piece is done onsite. There’s no middle man or delivery woes to slow the process. Our campaign managers are with your piece from start to finish. We succeed when you succeed. Our team thrives on the ever-changing marketing industry. We know how to appeal to your consumer base and get them on the lot.

It doesn’t end here – We are first and foremost focused on sales and brand loyalty. Technology is ever changing. We are paving the way for face-to-face interaction. We understand that in the digital age it’s easy to look online but never step foot in a dealership. We are continuing to shake things up. We believe sales happen on the lot. We will bring the consumers to you, we will work alongside your team in the sales process and we will exceed your sales goals.

Our analytics team provides you with a dashboard, so you can track the collected data in real time. This optimizes the sales process. Our strategy team uses this data to tailor future campaigns. That’s the difference with Automotive Experts. We can guarantee that our team is dedicated to your marketing campaign from start to finish.

It sounds simple (we know) that’s because truly it is. There’s no middle man or lengthy sales pitches. We want your business but more importantly we want your business to continuously grow even after the event. We will provide you with all the necessary tools to accomplish this.

Well, what now?

The Automotive Experts team works together seamlessly. Our foundation is transparent communication. We can assure you that each member of our team will know you and your dealership on a personal level. That’s our promise. The next step is easy, just reach out. We will design a marketing plan customize to your dealership based on location, inventory, and sales goals.

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