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New Orleans, LA (February 10) РAutomotive Experts, an automotive marketing company, announced that it has launched a new digital division called Easy Digital, which will focus on customer retention marketing. Easy Digital will provide loyalty driven products to car dealerships across the country.

“The truth is – dealerships are being oversold digital products that don’t yield a high return on their investment,” said Easy Digital CEO and founder Kevin Elliott. “Easy Digital is changing the way digital marketing is viewed in the Automotive industry. Backed by 120 years of automotive experience, Easy Digital sets out to preserve the foundation and integrity of the car business.”

Automotive Experts is one of the largest automotive staffed event and direct mail companies in the U.S. Automotive Experts has ground teams in dealerships across the nation. This link provided crucial research for Easy Digital.

“We’ve seen countless demos from marketing agencies across the nation. These agencies speak the same language as we do, but they mean two very different things,” said Elliott. “When we say engagement – we aren’t talking social media marketing, we are talking customer retention.”

Easy Digital has spent the past 2 years perfecting their product, Retention Driver. Retention Driver re-engages dealership customers through Live Agent Ringless Voicemail, SMS, Targeted Email, and Retargeted Display Ads.

“Engaging customers is key to retention and referrals,” said Elliott. “We engage your customers from the day they buy a car, that’s a crucial step.”

To learn more about Easy Digital visit, email, or call 504-962-3000.

To learn more about Automotive Experts visit, email, or call 662-231-9425.