Automotive Experts is the industry leader in automotive staffed events. We have facilitated staffed events across the nation. Our team has over 120 years of combined experience.

Here’s why – Our unbeaten process


  • Analyze & Target
    • We use the latest technology and software to pull data from your database and market. Our system allows us to target consumers based on your dealership profile. We ensure that our mail pieces are in the hands of the most qualified buyer.
  • Custom Creative
    • Our 60,000 square foot state of the art mail house has been family owned and operated since 1997.
    • We are constantly cultivating our creative library. Our pieces are tested and have continuously proved to return huge engagement. We work directly with your dealership to tailor our pieces to your inventory.

During Event 

  • Sales Team Arrival
    • Our sales team is comprised of the best car salesmen across the nation. These teams are highly skilled professionals that understand the importance of sales, consumer satisfaction, and dealership reputation. They arrive before the sale begins. Our team holds strategy meetings and will meet your entire team.
  • Training
    • Our teams have an abundance of sales knowledge. They will share the tricks of the trade and how to overcome objections. Training continues throughout the big event.
  • Technology
    • Our technology is second to none. Our fully integrated system has all the bells and whistles including landing pages and social network integrations.


  • Lead Capture
    • We have real-time tracking and analytics. We provide you with the results of the campaign to build a database of future customers.
  •  Huge Gross
    • Our process is proven with our results. Most of our dealers generate 90% of their revenue for the month during our one-week event.


At the end of the day, we are dedicated to helping our dealer network succeed. We are constantly researching current trends and developing new ones.

Not looking to do a staffed event? – We offer a variety of other automotive marketing products that drive sales and increase consumer loyalty.

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