Reach an average of 350k people through our Facebook Advertising Program

Dealers are selling 20 to 50 extra cars per week

We reach 100,000-400,000 potential customers over 10 days for a 5-7 day sale. A STEADY STREAM of content designed to fit into everyone’s social media schedule.

Average Leads


Extra Cars Sold

Average Reach

What is a Facebook Sales Event?

1. We create a Facebook Sales Event page for your dealership. We then spend money to boost your page and advertise special offers on Facebook. This creates “traction or buzz” on social media for your store. Every person that clicks, likes, or shares the event creates a lead for our company and your dealership.

Appointments Tracked Live

2. We engage customers on your behalf to set appointments for your dealership. A typical Facebook Sales Event will yield approximately 200-300 leads. We have a team of seasoned automotive professionals that work Facebook Messenger chats from 9:00am to 11:00m every single day. Their main goal is to drive people into your showroom and set appointments for your store. All of our appointments are tracked on a live Google Calendar. Half of the traffic will come from appointments, the other half will be people saying they saw your ad on Facebook.

A True Partnership. We Depend on Each Other.

3. These customers arrive to your dealership. Once they get there how you handle them will determine how successful your event will be. Our job is to get the customers into your dealership. Your job is to turn those appointments into car deals. This is a PARTNERSHIP. We depend on each other.


The Most Cost Effective Way in The Country to Fill Your Showroom


We Talk to & Engage with Your Customers

Our representatives work every lead from 9:00am – 11:00pm EST, 7 days-a-week on your behalf and have an under 5 minute response time. Our representatives are trained to be polite, ask for contact information, trade-in details and if they have aspecific vehicle interest. We also speak Spanish. 


We Then Set Appointments & You Close The Deal!

Once we engage and set the tone of the sale, we then get them to schedule an appointment to come into your dealership to talk with a sales member. You then close the deal or keep that lead in your database for continued lead nurturing. 

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